Animal Communications  

Lisa Brown with Best Day Healing

Sunday, October 20th  1:00 -3:00 PM

Sessions are 15 minutes $ 55.00

All Animals communicate telepathically. They are communicating with us and with each other all the time. They display physical behaviors and use body language to try to get their intentions across. 

Lisa can help build the bridge of understanding:

Behavioral Issues

Household Dynamics

Physical Concerns

Life Transitions

Lost Animals

End of Life

Call 414-444-4110 or email to book your time.

Our Wisconsin roots are strong. Michael and Carrie Marble were born here in Milwaukee and both graduated from James Madison High school. Michael operated a entry door and window store from 1989 until we opened our doors in September 2006. Our Mission is to offer Wisonsinites afforadable healthy pet diets and supplies while giving back to our local communtiy.

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